Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Electric Cars Are Coming!

I just found Aptera while doing some web research on electric cars after reading about Chrysler's announcement about their electric cars.
Also see Zap! cars.
The Electric Cars Are Coming! Slowly but surely. Even though the basic technology has been around since what, 1832-35.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yoga Journal Interviewed Me

I was interviewed for this Yoga Journal article a while ago.
It's appearing on their site now.
It's about how to implement changes in your life.
I gave them my 2 cents on how my wife and I have changed our lives based on our concerns for the environment. Here are some of the changes mentioned in the article and some more that we've made over the years: cycling to work and most of our errands, going vegetarian, growing our own vegetables, composting, changing all regular light bulbs to fluorescent bulbs, taking shorter showers-even turning the water off while you soap up, trying to buy food with less packaging, buying items, when needed, with a long life expectancy, giving away unused items on freecycle and buying less in general and other small changes.
Give it a read.