Thursday, May 28, 2009

Reaching - Art of Nature Series

Diptych. 32"x12.25"(each panel is 16"x12.25") Oil, acrylic, graphite on stretched canvas.

Photo of REACH in process

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mimic - Art of Nature series

24"x24" Acrylic, oil, graphite on panel.
This piece is titled, "Mimic" is a reference to forms in nature that are similar. My inspiration for this was a leaf of an oak tree. Not sure which variety but it was one that I picked up on a walk last fall. It had a great shape like a puzzle piece. I was also thinking of the leaves of the Dusty Miller plant. These shapes are similar to the form of a mammals vertebrae.
I was also experimenting a bit with getting back into oil paints here. The underpainting is done in acrylics and then I use oil on top. I'm using Alkyd oils as they dry faster than regular oils. I can add on top of them after a few hours. I add a little Galkyd to speed up drying time even more.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Art in Nature - "Lichen"

Acrylic, Oil, colored pencil and graphite
I am starting a new painting series based on shapes, textures and colors that I observe in nature. My intent with this series is to create abstract paintings that will, if all goes well elicit in the viewer an emotional reaction.
I am getting back to some basics with this work. I want to get away from any representational imagery and focus on the act of painting; building up textures and colors. My process has evolved over the years and I have done this building of colors and textures as a background in all my paintings. In some cases, I have liked how the background came out more than the final painting.
I have many ideas sketched out on how to proceed but I find that each painting finds it's own path once I start it.
I enjoyed making this piece which I've titled "Lichen". The circular pattern and texture reminded me of lichen on rocks. I found out something about lichen; it is pollution intolerant meaning that if it's growing, there is no pollution present. Kind of a, "canary in a coalmine" sort of thing for above ground. I like that.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Making plans, art plans

The current state of my art desk/area.
I find that I think about making art far more than actually making art.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Swan monoprint

Monoprint I did as prep for a painting. I like the line quality that you can get in a monoprint and the unintended bits of texture around the image. I use waterbased blockprinting ink, roll out an area on a sheet of glass, place a sheet of paper down on it and draw on what will be the back. Keep in mind that your image will be backwards. I also experiment by wetting and blotting the paper before printing-it gives the monoprint more of a watercolor effect as the ink bleeds into the wet paper.